DJ K-Sham - Trance Island Ep 010

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  • Song Name: Trance Island Ep 010
  • Artist: DJ K-Sham
  • Album: Experience Trance

1) Purpose (Extended Mix) Jhonny Vergel
2) Elements (Extended Mix) RYDEX, Exouler
3) The Fear Of Failure (Extended Mix) Christopher Corrigan
4) Darren Bax- Before Sunrise (Orig Mix)
5) Meraj Deylami- Antares (Orig Mix)
6) Beneath The Stars (Sneijder Extended Remix) Adrey Gallagher, Paul adENTON
7) First Promise (Extended Mix) EDELE ANDAYA
8) Callisto (Extended Mix) Cenk Barasan
9) Say Hello (Darren Porter Remix) MaRLo, HALIENE
10) The Great Story (Extended Mix) Paipy
11) Gold Eyes (Extended Mix) Ramin Arab
12) Before Your Eyes (Extended Mix) Mark Alexander
13) Join Me (Extended Mix) Nikolauss
14) Shine feat. Roxanne Emery (Club Mix) Aly & Fila, Roxanne Emery
15) Silence (Omar Sherif Remix) Randy Katana
16) Crystal (Extended Mix) Ramin Arab
17) Codename H (Extended Mix) Amos & Riot Night