DJ K-Sham - Trance island Ep 06

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  • Song Name: Trance Island Ep 06
  • Artist: Dj K-Sham
  • Album: Experience Trance

1. Moments of Ecstasy (Orig mix) Ace Ventura, Animato
2. Lost in the Woods (Orig mix) Astral Sense
3. Experimental Music (Orig mix) Ranji, Upgrade
4. Awakening Vibes (Orig mix) Reflex
5. Micro Music Sonic Species Vs Relativ
6. Meltdown Chabunk
7. Exit 37 (Orig mix) Egorythmia
8. Happiness (Orig mix) Kalki, Side Effects
9. Starlab & Genesia - Access To Conciousness Starlab
10. Mimetic Technopath (Orig mix) Bionic Delay, Alternate Side
11. Visual Forms Impact & Timelock
12. The World Out There (Orig mix) Inner State, Waveform
13. Force Of Life (Orig mix) Life Force
14. Universe Inside You (Orig mix) Spiritual Mode
15. Violent Serenity Ticon
16. Wake up Call (Orig mix) Unstable