Chris Gough - Hitchikers Guide to Trance Deep Winter December Edition.

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  • Song Name: Equinox Trance Deep Winter December Edition
  • Artist: Chris Gough
  • Album: Experience Trance

1. Flaming June (PvD & BT's Remix) by BT
2. Baphomet's Horn by John 00 Fleming
3. Cafe Del Mar (Nalin & Kane Remix) by Energy 52
4. End Of The Road by L-Vee
5. Symbolism by John '00' Fleming vs E-Clip
6. Strange World (HH RMX) by Push
7. Universal Nation (Guy Mearns remix) by Push
8. Beam Me Up by Progrez persents
9. Dream simulation by Jericho
10. Tunnelling by Chab
11. Innocence (Planisphere remix) by Joker Jam
12. 6 Weeks & 1 Million Years by The digital blonde
13. Moonshine by Planisphere
14. People Just Dont Care (original mix) by Airwave
15. Promise U Heaven (Progressive Mix) by Velvet Girl
16. Sonic architects by Mad Maxx Vs John 00 Flemming
17. The First Rebirth (Airwave Remix) by Jones & Stephenson